We look at things with a different perspective…
“Progressive, Boutique, Bespoke”

MISSION: To deliver specialized thought leadership accompanied by progressive end to end solutions to real business challenges, through our customized roster of best in class I.T. Management Consultants.

About Us

Alliance One is a high-powered, boutique I.T. Management Consultancy, supported by a highly profiled, nimble roster of niche skilled consultants, boasting significant experience within major financial, telecom and technology firms.

The Alliance One methodology is a “One Team” business model, fundamentally designed to work directly with our clients to establish a comprehensive customize-to-fit offering for each client engagement.



Diversity | Inclusion | Unconscious Bias

“Maximize Your Profitability”

Diversity and Inclusion are proven integral factors in the competitive edge, profitability and success of any organization. This competitive advantage is firmly embedded into the fabric of the Alliance One Philosophy, and represented across the Alliance One collective and roster of resources.

The most immediate and tangible benefits of a Diverse Workforce include:

  • Expanded Talent Pool
  • Variety of Different Perspectives
  • Increased Creativity
  • Increased Inovation
  • Improved Decision Making 
  • Increased Profitability

A Diverse Workforce is a fundatmental platform for challenging Unconscious Bias

  • Decisions made on merit rather than bias directly improves profitability

The Alliance One collective already boasts a diversity that is inclusive of race, background, gender, religion, age and sexual orientation, hence, providing organically built-in factors of improved profitability and competitive advantage within any of our managed services offerings. 

The Alliance One offering includes the ability to capture maximum efficiency and profitability via a Diverse Workforce, beyond the geography of the workplace, through our unified partnership with PROXIMUTO, experts in making remote work, work.

Remote work integration enables Inclusion of highly skilled persons who may not be able to be in a deginated workplace, due circumstances such as personal / family dissabilities / obligations, etc., therfore enabling an expansion in resource talent pool.


Alliance One is a certified member of  
Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council  /
 National Minority Supplier Development Council