Alliance One Innovation & Business Development

Pathway to Successful Vendor Diversity – Re-Engineered for Today
The presence of Diversity, in particular Black owned vendors as it pertains to Corporate / Government, is first and foremost about seeking relative balance and employing merited and qualified Black / Diverse owned vendors. The challenge that exists today is that Black / Diverse owned businesses are no longer only within the small business category operating in sub one hundred thousand dollar or low-tech engagements.

Today marginalized communities are generating an evolving and emerging category of vendors that are capable of and already are operating in above one hundred thousand dollar and into the multi-million dollar engagements.

This evolution has created a challenge for Corporate / Government to re-engineer their current vendor management processes, to provide opportunity intentionally and authentically for this new era of Black / Diverse owned businesses.
Alliance One Product Advantage
Alliance One has designed a proprietary framework for the Re-Engineering of Corporate Vendor Diversity, that is serving as the foundation for the procurement departments of our clients to address the underlying structural challenges and provide meaningful, intentional and authentic solutions.
Mental Wellness – “Mindful Escape”
In a time of increased mental stress, restriction and hesitation to resume our natural human desire for social connectivity, and immerse ourselves in necessary mindful mental escape, every business needs a vehicle for its staff members to balance their mental well being, in an effort to reduce mental stress, increase levels of relaxation and happiness, and motivate longevity and efficiency in the workplace.
Alliance One Product Advantage
Alliance One has crafted a product, constructed of a multifaceted entertainment and awareness engine of positive energy, designed to relieve stress, generate joy, laughter and wellness.

Product Development - Fintech

The Alliance continues to evolve as Alliance One and its Partners are entering the world of the development of proprietary FinTech applications and supporting ecosystems. Our plight for the underdog remains ever so present as we focus on the complacency and / or the absence of Digital Transformation in emerging markets, with business strategy and ingenuity that embraces local business and consumer culture.