Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
“Every aspect of our lives will be transformed”

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Alliance One Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are aligned with digitization and modernization across all industries to leverage AI, pushing the boundaries of AI faster for the benefit of industry and society.

Alliance One Artificial Intelligence Methodology

  • Collaborative development of AI solutions to assist in providing a competitive advantage through augmentation of human intelligence.
  • Establish machine learning techniques for transformation of format required for increased reasoning computations and algorithms.
  • Incubate methods of initiation of small data, effective deep learning simulations, deep reasoning and new AI hardware for advanced unsupervised learning.
  • Analyze deep learning models of datasets mapping for recognition of purpose of each data segment.

Alliance One provides innovative methods and techniques in conjunction with distinct applications and use cases for Machine learning and AI, including:

  • Risk modeling
  • Fraud and misconduct detection
  • Portfolio management
  • Financial auditing
  • Algorithmic computations

Within maturity in model validation, machine learning and artificial intelligence will differ in the areas of data, processes, methodology and governance.