Business Management
Alliance One Business Management orchestrates and executes solution driven strategies towards the optimization of the financial and operational health of an organization. Supporting both Digital Transformation and Business specific and collaborative strategies, the Alliance One roster delivers a comprehensive suite of functional Business Management expertise, supported by a broad range of experienced professionals.



"Move Your Organization Forward"

Alliance One Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are aligned with digitization and modernization across all industries. Alliance One's AI/ML technologies allow clients to automate the analysis of massive datasets and make great decisions faster. Our offerings are able to meet the unique security, privacy and accessibility needs of our clients.

  • Risk Modeling
  • Fraud and misconduct detection
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Auditing
  • Algorithmic Computations



"Protect Your Assets,
Protect Your Future"

With the changing IT environment, businesses must continue adapting to the technological landscape. Alliance One empowers our clients to manage technological risk very effectively. Our services benefit clients by understanding their risk posture while providing management with a clear understanding of risk appetite and risk rewards within their IT practice areas.

  • Assess design efficiencies, identify gaps in client risk
  • Quickly implement best practice risk management processes
  • Informed decision-making to maximize risk mitigation
  • Automated and digestible reports for stakeholders
  • Establish a culture of risk awareness in our clients



"Unlock The Power of Your Data"

Today's businesses are data driven. A business that cannot understand their data will not be able to maximize their potential. Alliance One's data analytics team is there to help clients make sense of their data. With specialized tools we are able to create custom solutions for our clients' business needs.

  • Understanding the client's business problem
  • Collecting data relevant to the problem
  • Analyze data to generate insights
  • Use insights to develop solution to the problem
  • Monitor and change solution for optimization



"Every Aspect Of Our Lives Will Be Transformed"

It is essential when a business introduces a new product or solution that it is of great quality. This makes testing a top priority for the business. Alliance One's QA/QE teams use the latest methodologies and tools to facilitate faster business and technological change, as well as ensuring a great end-user experience.

  • Tailor a QA/QE program that satisfies all client's business requirements
  • Shift-left and shift-right approach
  • Develop an end-to-end solution that covers client's entire digital technology stack
  • Integrate automation into assurance process to optimize testing throughout the cycle



"If We Don't Set Priorities, Fate Will!"

In case of a cyber security event, a rapid response is a key factor in helping a business recover. Alliance One provides Incident Response Management (IRM) services to support our clients. We work with our clients to rapidly act against the highest level of cyber security events. Our objective is a quick response and positive outcome.

  • Triage - Understanding the incidents specifications
  • Active Response - Identifying & analyzing the incident forensics
  • Remediation - Address root cause and remove the threat
  • Continuous Improvement - Conduct lessons learned and define preventative steps



"Implementation Isn't The End - It's Just The Beginning!"

A business’ ability to implement change while lessening the negative effects to people and operations is critical to a project’s success. Alliance One’s IT change management services are catered to support a significant change in our client’s organization. We work with our clients to adapt digital change to align to their existing and future needs.

  • Developmental Change - improve existing processes, methods, skills
  • Transitional Change - Replace existing process if needed
  • Transformational Change - Develop and sustain a major organizational change that affects many aspects of the business