Incident Response/Management
"If we don't set priorties, fate will!"

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Alliance One provides Incident Response and Management (IRM) services that support our clients existing workflows or work to design and implement more robust industry Incident Response and Management tools to support the IRM process. We work with our clients to plan for highest level of Incident Response and Management to ensure they are prepared with the right capabilities and resources to respond to events regardless of scale and complexity. IRM requires an organization to be sophisticated in order to minimize the impacts of potential breach and remediate state of resolution as quickly as possible.

We typically utilize the following high-level steps for a successful Incident Response and Management:

  1. Triage – Understanding the incidents specifications
  2. Active Response – Identifying & analyzing the incident forensics
  3. Remediation – Address root cause and remove the threat
  4. Continuous Improvement – Conduct lessons learned and define preventative steps