QA/QE/Digital Assurance & UAT
"Ensure Quality and Speed"

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Alliance One is helping our clients transform their Quality Assurance organizations into Quality Engineering and Digital Assurance. We employ “shift left” and “shift right” approaches combined with an intelligent QA and automated tools and processes.

We partner with our clients to ensure high quality and speed to facilitate faster business and technology change, as well as ensuring better customer experience. During UAT we validate that the product corresponds with business requirements and can be effectively used by the end user, and we ensure better customer experience.

Business Assurance and UAT
We provide business process aligned QA/QE solutions that address our clients’ business objectives, validate business requirements, as well as, end to end QA that assures quality for the end user.

Customer Experience Assurance
We bring a 360-degree view of quality by complementing business and technology assurance with a CX focus on ensuring
unmatched customer experience for our clients’ applications through QA/QE solutions that focus on performance,
security and usability.

Technology Assurance
Our end-to-end assurance solutions cover our clients’ entire digital technology stack, including social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT technologies, and also legacy technology.

Intelligent and Automated Assurance
We embed intelligence and automation as the core enablers for QA/QE, using cognitive capabilities and a lifecycle approach to automation, by using AI and machine learning capabilities, integrating QA analytics, detecting defects early and optimizing testing throughout the lifecycle.