Robotic & Digital Process Automation
"Save Time and Reduce Effort"

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Alliance One provides the ability to increase profitability via utilization of Automation Software, as a result of reduction in costs of operations. Automation Software is a superior strategic choice for cost containment and reduction – and serves as a significant opportunity to increase service to the end user, while systematically reducing costs.

Alliance One provides three categories of Robotics solutions:

    RDA – Robotics Desktop Automation
    RPA – Robotics Process Automation
    SPA – Smart Process Automation

Key areas of RPA we provide:

  • Robotics Process Automation Capability and Benefits
  • Operating Model
  • Intake Process and Project Life Cycle
  • Solution Monitoring, Alerts and Unplanned Changes
  • Engagement Principles
  • Use Case Deep Dive


Substantial Return On Investment:

COST – Reduced time and effort spent on manual work
TIME – Reduced time and effort spent on manual work
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Faster delivery of products and services
TIME TO MARKET – Fast iteration and reduced effort vs system integration
PROCESS METRICS – Fast iteration and timely metrics
OPERATIONAL RISK – Less errors and variability than a human