Alliance One works with our clients to create distinctive business strategies alongside technological advances leveraging leading edge approach practices and amplifying the innovative means of our vast network of partners.

Collectively we collaborate and prime initiatives spanning digital strategy to delivering supporting drivers of Digital Transformation. The Alliance One arsenal of services encompasses a full spectrum offering catering to the continuously evolving Digital Transformation needs of our clients.

Enterprise CRM Solutions


Full Stack Development

Alliance One builds high performance teams forming and developing within all areas of your business’s IT disciplines. Our teams are harnessed and focused on prioritized outcomes, and operate autonomously within a lean, flat, data driven structure across all functions.

Robotic and Digital Process Automation
“Save Time and Reduce Effort”

Alliance One provides the ability to increase profitability via utilization of Automation Software, as a result of reduction in costs of operations. Automation Software is a superior strategic choice for cost containment and reduction - and serves as a significant opportunity to increase service to the end user, while systematically reducing costs.

Alliance One provides three categories of Robotics solutions:

RDA – Robotics Desktop Automation

RPA – Robotics Process Automation

SPA – Smart Process Automation

Key areas of RPA we provide:
  • Robotics Process Automation Capability and Benefits
  • Operating Model
  • Intake Process and Project Life Cycle
  • Solution Monitoring, Alerts and Unplanned Changes
  • Engagement Principles
  • Use Case Deep Dive
Substantial Return On Investment:
  • COST - Reduced time and effort spent on manual work
  • TIME - Reduced time and effort spent on manual work
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Faster delivery of products and services
  • TIME TO MARKET – Fast iteration and reduced effort vs system integration
  • PROCESS METRICS – Fast iteration and timely metrics
  • OPERATIONAL RISK – Less errors and variability than a human
Accessibility - Everyone Uses Technology

The Alliance One innovative three-step process to robust Accessibility Compliance,
mitigates risk and ensures accessibility is met, enabling faster adoption of new
technologies and increased efficiency over a product life cycle. We assist in ensuring
ensuring product usability amongst persons with disabilities, and compliance with
ADA, WCAG 2.1, Section 508 standards and IAAP guidelines.

Corporate Information Security - Secure Your Success

Alliance One Cybersecurity operates at the convergence of business and technology. We proactively protect your company by protecting your data. Our cybersecurity delivers a comprehensive offering of all components of a comprehensive information security system.

Penetration Testing

Identification of gaps and risk within your security

Vulnerability Assessment

Advisory support for strategy assessment and remediation

Information Security Strategy & Design

Provides more effective security

Information Security Assessment

Analysis of the maturity of information security programs

Data Governance

Ensures proper management of related regulations and controls, as well as ensuring appropriate disposition plans are implemented

Security Audit / Security Assessment

  • Planning

  • Definition of audit objectives and scope
  • Evidence collection and evaluation
  • Documentation and reporting

Recommendation and Remediation
  • Planning

  • Definition of audit objectives and scope
  • Evidence collection and evaluation
  • Documentation and reporting


PMO / PDO - “Move Your Organization Forward”

As a leader in project management consulting, Alliance One is a niche provider for clients who are looking to implement business-enhancing, Agile PMO/PDO services that improve project/program and portfolio governance and execution. Our teams assist in improving PMO performance with time-tested, proven industry standard strategies and methodology.

Alliance One works with our clients to attain efficiency and tighter monitoring of projects within their organization. In absence of Project Delivery/Management Office we work to assess the need and execution of such an office.

Client Example:

Alliance One has defined and implemented:

  • Success Factors of Governance Structure – Milestone based

  • Program Governance Structure – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Strategic Business Strategy

  • Decision Forum – Stakeholder Authority

  • Delivery Framework

Alliance One’s PDO/PMO’s goal is to evolve an organization as part of digital transformation in an age of Artificial Intelligence within the PDO/PMO functions.

QA / QE / Digital Assurance & UAT - “Ensure Quality and Speed”

Alliance One is helping our clients transform their Quality Assurance organizations into Quality Engineering and Digital Assurance. We employ “shift left” and “shift right” approaches combined with an intelligent QA and automated  tools and processes. We partner with our clients to ensure high quality and speed to facilitate faster business and technology change, as well as ensuring better customer experience. During UAT we validate that the product corresponds with business requirements and can be effectively used by the end user, and we ensure better customer experience.

Business Assurance and UAT

We provide business process aligned QA/QE solutions that address our clients’ business objectives, validate business requirements, as well as, end to end QA that assures quality for the end user.

Customer Experience Assurance

We bring a 360-degree view of quality by complementing business and technology assurance with a CX focus on ensuring unmatched customer experience for our clients’ applications through QA/QE solutions that focus on performance, security and usability.

Technology Assurance

Our end-to-end assurance solutions cover our clients’ entire digital technology stack, including social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT technologies, and also legacy technology.

Intelligent and Automated Assurance

We embed intelligence and automation as the core enablers for QA/QE, using cognitive capabilities and a lifecycle approach to automation, by using AI and machine learning capabilities, integrating QA analytics, detecting defects early and optimizing testing throughout the lifecycle.

Incident Response / Management

“If we dont’ set priorties, fate will! ”

Alliance One provides Incident Response and Management (IRM) services that support our clients existing workflows or work to design and implement more robust industry Incident Response and Management tools to support the IRM process. We work with our clients to plan for highest level of Incident Response and Management to ensure they are prepared with the right capabilities and resources to respond to events regardless of scale and complexity. IRM requires an organization to be sophisticated in order to minimize the impacts of potential breach and remediate state of resolution as quickly as possible.

We typically utilize the following high-level steps for a successful Incident Response and Management:

1) Triage – Understanding the incidents specifications
2) Active Response – Identifying & analyzing the incident forensics
3) Remediation – Address root cause and remove the threat
4) Continuous Improvement – Conduct lessons learned and define preventative steps

I.T. Change Management
“When it comes to change management, 'implementation' isn't the end - it's just the beginning” - Beth Banks Cohn

Alliance One’s IT Change Management services are optimized to support significant increase in volume and complexity of change within transforming enterprises. We collaborate to foster employee focused workflows to gain significant competitive edge. We work to ensure resources evolve with digital change as we help foster a more engaging approach that is both intelligent and feasible for evolving future practices.

We work with our clients to adapt digital change to align to their organizational needs, existing and future practices.

We apply proven Change Management Principles, processes and tools to deliver IT Change Management services which typically fall in these three categories:

  • Developmental Change

  • Transitional Change

  • Transformational Change


Unconscious Bias

Our mandate is to help clients Transform their approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) such that they bolster increased Sensitivity that could have significant Reputational impact if not pro-actively mitigated.


Alliance One has identified challenges that may exist in the HR management of
corporate and government organizations, which allows for Black Racism
discriminatory behaviour by various levels of management towards their employees,
particularly in the areas of performance review, and elevation of employee careers
within the organization.

Our D&I offering is designed to provide the necessary assessment, training, policy
construction and independent D&I Specialist resources, to facilitate a fertile, fair,
encouraging, and non-discriminating or biased environment for high performance
Black employees, resulting in improved productivity, profitability, and overall team
chemistry of the organization.


  • Balance of Black employees within overall Racial Diversity

  • Current D&I, Employee Assessment and Growth policies and procedures

  • Metrics as it pertains to D&I mandates and average available Black Resources

D&I Talent Sourcing

The Alliance One Roster and the Alliance One Pipeline Initiative (AOPI) are collectively built to provide and sustain a talent pool of high calibre diverse and black resources at any given time.

D&I Policy Making

Alliance One D&I provides Anti-Black Racism policy review, amendment and creation, within workplace hiring, management and leadership.

D&I Support Training

Our Professional Development team supports D&I with Anti-Black Racism and Unconscious Bias Training, specifically targeting the hiring process, employee management and elevation, leadership and peer relationships.

Human Resources Special Investigations Unit (HR-SIU)

HR-SIU is an Alliance One mechanism composed of a vetted team of Black Managed Service professionals, trained in Anti-Black Racism and Unconscious Bias practices. This team is tasked with resolving employee performance disputes, by conducting and reporting to senior leadership, independently separate reviews and assessments of employee performance and concerns, and the respective manager’s employee assessment.


The Alliance One Mentorship program is an external senior level, Black Managed Services talent scouting team, whose purpose is to collaborate with senior leadership, in supporting the career development of internal high-performance Black employees, by ensuring employee performance review and growth is not impeded by internal Black Racism behaviour or Unconscious Bias.